Day Ten: Final day…

August 26, 2006 at 1:06 pm 2 comments

Oh yes before I forget to mention we actaully have to mention that some recipes that weren’t in the book were from websites….only it’s hard now to track back to which ones they were…but the ones that usually mention ‘printed’ pages…..means we got them from the internet….so I don’t want anyone coming after us for plagerism or what not….and finally we are done! Samosas were good…loved them… be quite honest we had help there from Meera’s mom and of course we got her mom gifts for putting up with us for soo long I mean seriously we aren’t that great of a bunch so she put up with a lot…..and after making those samosas the remainder of the day went in collecting forms, donations (as usual) and starting to go through forms seeing which parts were missing etc. One heck of a process it was, but now we’re finally done and yes…we can all just relax….for a lloooongggg while…and hey school starts in about a week…(damn!) so thanks to everyone yet again and well have fun….till I finish retouching this website…it’s been a long journey that’s finally come to an end….chaos, mischief and mayhem….well, we had fun through it all…and it’s seriously been a wonderful experience……I hope everyone agrees…so,
Ciao! (from Such & Meera [who’s probably yawning somewhere])


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